Membership Program

Our Membership Program Offers:

A monthly Maintenance Program and emergency Cleaning service for a member discount, including free montly visits and First Priority On Call Response

Issues strike at the worst time!

Having a dedicated maintenance crew as part of your Airbnb team can ensure your rental looks great, operates smoothly and help keep reviews 5 stars. Keep your business profitable and stress free with our monthly inspections.

Our Monthly Maintenance Program

With our monthly maintenance program our clients can finally have affordable, reliable Airbnb property maintenance services and cleaning for their vacation rental property!

As local Airbnb hospitality experts, we understand the needs of our clients and the expectations of their guests. The flawless operation of your Airbnb property and it's components will play a significant part in your guest's experience. Every 5-star review you receive on your home's elements, amenities and performance adds up to an increase in the number of bookings.

First Priority On Call Response

All monthly maintenance program clients receive first-priority same-day on-call response service during regular business hours. Same day services based on time of notification.

On Call Handyman and cleaning Service Discounts

Our monthly program clients receive lower quotes, bids, and hourly labor rates on all handyman services that pop up outside the monthly service visit!

Prepare for the Expected!

All vacation rentals need routine preventative maintenance and have certain maintenance tasks that must be take care of.  As well, every vacation rental will eventually have something break down that will need to be fixed.

With our monthly membership program, the stress and frustration as well as rental income loss due to down time can be almost eliminated!